Constitution March 2010

The Grove Residents Group & Gardening Club.  ‘Our Constitution’

The above group is being set up for the purpose of giving residents in the W10 area a collective voice when it comes to bringing up neighbourhood issues.  The collective voice will be presented to; housing associations, the local council, the police and other authorities / organisations with a remit for the area generally.

Although the group will have a W10 wide remit, it will focus its activities within the Ladbroke Grove area.  Although this area has been identified as the central focus area, projects on other streets will be considered on the request of group members.

Also the group has a vision of transforming the local environment by improving gardens and carrying out street improvement projects using gardening and colour.  An integral part of the group will be its gardening club.  As well as organising and carrying out the gardening transformation projects, the club will be a place where those interested in gardening can meet with others who also enjoy these kind of activities, learn more and receive expert advice and training and share experience with each other.

Other aims

1.  The group also wishes to empower young people with the skills of growing vegetables and other plants/flowers and to encourage a feeling of pride and ownership/involvement in their neighbourhood.

A central aim in the first year is to establish a lasting partnership with the Sion Manning RC Girls School.

This will be achieved primarily by developing a project inside the school where students can grow vegetables or other plants.  This project will be coordinated by the Youth Project Coordinator within the group.

2.  Provide a forum for residents to discuss housing services and express their view to Notting Hill Housing Group.

3.  To work with other residents groups or associations to provide a powerful voice for positive action across W10.



There will be no fee for membership presently.  This may be reviewed in year 2 but will only be changed by a majority vote at an Annual General Meeting.

Membership is open to all residents of the W10 area regardless of housing tenure or status in the community.


Committee Members

 The group will be run by a core organising group.  Positions/roles within this core group have been identified as:

Group Chair Person – To chair meetings, coordinate and lead the activities of the group and liaise with other chairs from adjacent residents associations, groups and other community organisations and local authority representatives as well as Notting Hill Housing Group.

Group Vice Chair – To deputise for the chair and support the chair by assisting with the duties of the chair as above.

Neighbourhood Issues Coordinator – To coordinate the groups work on addressing neighbourhood issues.

Secretary (Multiple if necessary) – To take minutes of meetings, prepare letters of correspondence, distribute information to members and coordinate and set up meetings and other events and writing a regular newsletter.

Treasurer – To oversee the groups finances, record all expenditure and income.  Monitor the groups bank account and liaise with the bank.  To report to the group at monthly meetings and at the AGM the current financial state of the group.

Garden Club Coordinator – To take the lead on all matters relating to the gardening club and to represent the gardeners at monthly meetings and at the AGM.  This role will involve delegating work to the gardening project managers and coordinating these activities.

Gardening Project Managers – To design garden projects and be responsible for coordinating the work on the ground on project days.

Gardener/practical worker – Getting stuck into the practical work of the gardening itself, working with other members on garden and street initiatives.

Youth Projects Coordinator – To coordinate the youth project, working with the Sion Manning RC Girls School and others if other projects are developed.  This person will also liaise with Notting Hill Housing Youth Projects Officers when appropriate.

Youth Worker – To assist the Youth Projects Coordinator working with youth in the area and supporting these projects.

The above officers will be elected at the launch meeting and re-elected annually by a vote at an AGM or monthly resident group meeting.  A minimum of 10 members will need to be present to form ‘quorum’ in order for the elections to be ratified.


Other Membership types

Discussion Group/Forum member – Come to Resident Group meetings to discuss with others the issues that affect residents in the area and to help make plans to improve the neighbourhood.

Member only – Those that are presently interested in being a member, receiving newsletters and coming to meetings on occasions, electing members at AGMs.



The group will meet as an entire entity once a month.  One of these monthly meetings will be set aside as the AGM every year.

The gardening club will meet as often as necessary depending on what projects are being undertaken at the time.

The frequency of meetings can be changed to suit the needs of the group at any time as long as this is agreed by a majority vote at any monthly meeting.

If less than 5 people can attend a meeting then it will be cancelled to ensure that decisions are not taken by just a small number of people that could affect the group as a whole.

All attending meetings and participating in projects in any way will be expected at all times to treat all with dignity, respect and in a polite and amiable way.  Where a member does not follow this code he or she may face losing membership of the group if such behaviour continued.  This would only happen where a quorum of members voted unanimously that this was warranted.  This policy can also be amended at any monthly meeting where quorum exists.

Any suggested changes to the constitution must be handed to the secretary 14 days prior to the AGM or any general monthly meeting at which it is to be discussed.

Changes to the constitution must be submitted to Notting Hill Housing Group Community Involvement officers in order to maintain our legitimacy and funding.


Equal Opportunities Statement

All residents are welcome to become members of the group regardless of their sex, race, religion or sexual orientation, status in the community or ethnicity.

It is the desire of the group to be an open and friendly organisation where all feel welcome and accepted.  Discrimination will not be accepted on any level.

The group will strive to encourage a wide and diverse membership by advertising its existence in newsletters to the area, community magazines and by establishing an internet site.

We will try to hold meetings at times, dates and venues which encourage maximum attendance.

Diversity forms will be completed by all members and these will be submitted to Notting Hill Housing Group regularly with a view to strengthening our commitment to equality of opportunity within our community.

This policy will be reviewed at least once every year


Financial Matters

  • The RA/group may raise funds by obtaining grants from other bodies or fund-raising schemes.
  • All monies raised will be used only to further its aims.
  • All funds shall be kept in a bank account in the name of the group.
  • All expenditure will and must be agreed and controlled by the committee
  • Signatories will include the secretary, treasurer and chairperson as well as the gardening club coordinator.  All cheques are required to have two signatures.
  • No officer may sign a blank cheque.
  • Audited accounts must and will be presented at the AGM and a statement of account at all general meetings.
  • The financial year runs from the 1 April to 31 March.

Other Matters

Members will be responsible for their own health and safety and to be aware of the safety of others.

A health and safety policy for the groups activities will be drawn up at a later date and agreed at a monthly meeting.  Members will be expected to observe this.

Dissolution of the group

ü      this will occur when the group is no longer deemed to be functional or has no further need to exist.  The following procedure will take place: 

ü      A two-thirds vote for the dissolution of the group will be required.  This can be taken at an AGM or special general meeting.  Members must be informed 21 days before the meeting as to the purpose of the meeting.

ü      Any money or equipment will be handed back to the funding bodies.

This is an amended constitution.  The initial constitution was agreed at a public meeting on Thursday 11th March 2010 held at Gloucester CourtBassett RoadLondon.  In order to be ratified as a registered group with Notting Hill Housing, some minor amendments have been made at their request.  The constitution now is resigned by the following as dated:


Signed ………………………………………………Chair                         Date


Signed ………………………………………………Secretary                  Date


Signed………………………………………………[                        ]          Date


Signed………………………………………………[                        ]          Date


Signed…………………………………………….   ..[                        ]        Date








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