Funding for Kitchen Garden project

At the last meeting of the gardening club it was announced that the club could apply for some funding to put a redundant piece of land back into use as a community garden that could be designed and used as a resource by club members.

The views of group members was asked for in the last newsletter. Seven responded by mailand all were in favour. A second funding application has also been made to the Housing Regeneration Fund by Notting Hill Housing.If successful work could begin in late summer and be completed by the end of the year.  

The garden could have a number of raised planters like in the picture below in a secure fenced off section as well as a small area of public landscaped garden at the front with a small pathway leading around to the entrance gate. There could also be a poly shed for growing seedlings as well as a water tap.  

Some excellent work was done late last year to transform a smallgrowing jungle at 103 Cambridge Gardens. The group have obtaineda grant of £200 to buy pots, flowers and shrubs for this project. We now need to meet to decidewhat we should plant and how to spend this money to best advantage in the garden. Thanks again to all who have helped so far. The next meeting will be onWEDNESDAY 23 MARCH AT THE LONDON LIGHTHOUSE, LANCASTER RD @ 2PM

Some members have said that an afternoon meeting is more preferable. To make sure that all are able to attend I have scheduled the next meeting for an afternoon. I recommend that we rotate between mornings, afternoons and evenings to ensure all who are members can attend a meeting during the year. This next meeting will be an important one. We will make plans for taking the next stage on our front garden project and also decide on designs for both the front garden and the new Oxford Gardens kitchen garden project.If you’d like to be more involved or you have some questions, please contact:


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