Newsletter March 2010

Grove Residents & Gardening Club Update March 2010In December last year residents interested in finding out more about this new group met at the Sion Manning RC Girls School.   The group met again on 21 January to elect a chair and other members to coordinate projects and to establish the group as a registered association.

It was great to see so many people attending and showing such a keen interest in gardening and in the issues affecting everyone living in the area.

Again the issue of the carnival was an important topic.  Sergeant Watsonfrom the local Safer Neighbourhoods team explained on the night how the group can put forward its suggestions and voice the opinions of residents to the organisers and to the police.  This is just the start but already it was clear that residents’ opinions are important and can make a difference.  I will work closely with Krystina Jezewska, the recently elected chair and Sergeant Watson to ensure that the voice of the group is heard and its opinion considered.

New Youth Project to come soon

Suzanne Augustine was elected Youth Project Coordinator and she is already in discussion with Julliana Martins, the school liaison officer to the group, about setting up a club where girls from the school could be trained to grow vegetables.  More on this project will be given at the next meeting.

Possible Kitchen Garden Project

Has you  seen the kitchen garden project on St Quentins Avenue?  There may be a chance that a similar project on a smaller scale could be done as part of the work of the gardening club with possible funding from a local grant.

 Garden Transformations

 Many questions were asked on the night in January.  I was asked what I think the group should be working to achieve and what my vision was for  the group.  I explained that I am very keen for the group to use its talent and energy in transforming some of the gardens on our streets and in general street improvement initiatives by the use of gardening or related ideas to transform and improve the neighbourhood.  As well as bringing colour and variety to the streets of Ladbroke Grove, improving the area for everyone!

I also said that I envisaged the group being a forum where residents could meet together to discuss issues that needed addressing in the area.  This could be things like the carnival, reducing crime, services that are provided by the council or housing associations or any issue that affects the area generally.  The group can then reach an opinion and put this forward for consideration by the relevant authority.  Any representation put forward by the group would carry considerable weight and should be taken seriously.

 The next meeting is at Gloucester Court, a Notting Hill Housing Sheltered complex on Bassett Road, Thurs. 11 March at 7pm.

 Interested in learning more.  Join us on March 11.


If there are other issues that the new group should discuss or you would like to talk about a future gardening project on your street  please call  020 8357 4960 or email 

W10 residents group & gardening club update

Do you like gardening ? Would you like to grow your own vegetables? What do you think about Carnival?

W10 residents group


On Wednesday 2 December residents interested in finding out more about this new group met at

The Sion Manning RC Girls School.

Sean Sibley from Notting Hill Housing gave a brief presentation about what the new group is about and what it can achieve.

Taking residents seriously

Sean said that residents of W10 should be represented – their voice must be taken seriously. Establishing a residents group will help make sure that residents have a say in the provision of housing services, policing, refuse/recycling and other neighbourhood services or issues. It will also give people more influence and power to make changes to their neighbourhood.

Sean also explained that some residents for whatever reason were not able to create or put in the necessary effort to maintain a nice looking front garden.

Love gardening – great ideas

Sean said that he had noticed that some love gardening but do not have a garden to work in. These people had great ideas but nowhere to showcase their talent.

By talking with residents, local business owners, and community organisations we found about 40 people who were interested in either getting involved themselves or in finding out more about the purpose of the new group

£10,000+ per year available

11 residents met at the information evening on a cold wet winter’s night. Once fully set up, the group will be able to apply for grants of up to £10,000 per year from Notting Hill Housing. Other money may be available from Love Goldbourne (A £30,000 local council initiative over 2 years), B&Q and others.

This money can be used to buy plants, flowers, landscaping materials, expertise, training and to run community events like BBQs or Arts projects.

Do you have concerns about the Carnival?

Those who came on the night said how they were really concerned about Carnival and the way that it makes a mess of the gardens and the streets.

As residents that are affected by the carnival every year it is important that you can meet together often to find out what is concerning people and to tell the police and others how you would like things to change in the future.

After all it is the case that for some, your street becomes a public stage and gathering place for the weekend both day and night.

If you are interested in this or any item mentioned in this newsletter please come and find out more about the new group and how you can become involved.

The next information evening will be held on Thursday 21 January at Sion Manning RC Girls School, St. Charles Square, W10 6EF at 7pm.

Please come and meet others who are interested in gardening and making a difference in your community.

For more information contact Sean Sibley, the area Neighbourhood Officer from Notting Hill Housing on 020 8357 4620 or email


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