Minutes 13th may 2010 Planning Meeting

The Grove Residents Group and Gardening Club – Planning Meeting 13 May 2010

 In attendance:

Leslie Brett – Group Deputy Chair person

Sheila Charles – Group Secretary / Interim Treasurer

David Lewis – Gardening Club Coordinator

Sean Sibley – Advisor to the group from Notting Hill Housing


Matters Arising

It was agreed that there must be a policy and a process agreed which will be followed when engaging residents to improve or help them to improve their front gardens.

It was agreed that David would draw up a draft policy of how this engagement should be done and this will be presented to the group at the next meeting for approval.

Leslie said that he will speak to Octavia about possible funding for the gardening project.

It was discussed that there is a potential gardening plot on Oxford Gardens adjacent to no.50.  The group was keen to make this ‘eye sore’ into a beautiful garden space.

David – said he will speak to Terry Oliver regarding funding towards that specific project and in respect to his support in improving front gardens.

It was agreed that Sheila will act as Interim Treasurer until another willing member is elected.  As such Sheila explained that the group needs to open a bank account in the name of The Grove Residents Group & Gardening Club.


Other Business

 The next meeting will be Thursday 03 June 2010, the venue is to be confirmed via email text message or phone.


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