Minutes of meeting 11th March 2010

W10 residents group and gardening club update

11th March 2010 7pm Gloucester Court Bassett Road W10


Sean Sibley Notting Hil Housing Trust Housing Officer introduced himself to the group of approx. 30 people.

It was announced that Krystyna was elected Group Chairperson of the residents group at the January meeting.


  1. Sean said he would draw up a list of people willing to fill in resident committee member places and have the group vote for the person they want for each vacancy.


  1. Handouts of meeting agenda given out by Sean.


  1. Determine what people want the group to be about ie residents group/gardening group and if people want to join both groups.


  1. Purpose of group covered in previous meeting; Sean proceeds to read out the constitution of the residents club.


  1. Embad (residents group member) says that the residents group should be open to everyone living in W10. Embad lives in Sunbeam Crescent W10 and he knows a lot people who are Notting Hill Housing Trust residents who would be interested in the gardening group. Sean responded that as the group is only beginning we should focus the gardening projects on a smaller area but that all should be welcome to join the group regardless of whether they live in the focus area. He suggested that maybe other local groups could be set up with some funding.



  1. Embad also suggested that the group should be called something else as being specific about certain roads could give the impression that the residents group is limited to specific roads in the borough. Sandra Francourt suggested that maybe the residents group should be called the North Kensington residents club. Embad was happy with this. It was later narrowed down to two names The Ladbroke Grove Residents Group or The Grove Residents Group by group voting it was decided we should be called The Grove Residents Group And Gardening Club.


  1. Membership – everyone was happy with the terms and conditions. It was also suggested that once the group was established other areas/problems could be addressed ie Nhht issues/tenancy. Many people felt that having one forum/group with many purposes would work well.



8. Committee Members – positions to be filled

Chairperson – Krystyna  was voted in at last meeting; she said that there were opportunities for people in a variety of roles.

Suzanne was voted as a Youth Worker at the last meeting; Brian resigned as Treasurer and Julianna was voted asYouth Projects Coordinator. Sean asks if anyone is interested in taking over the role of Treasurer; no response.      Lesley raises his interest as Vice Chariman; vote taken at tonight’s meeting no oppositions.

Neighbourhood Issues Coordinator– Krystyna interested

Secretary – Mr Tanner voted as secretary at last meeting and Sheila voted in at tonights meeting no oppositions.

Garden Club Coordinator – David interested in position and voted in at tonight’s meeting no opposition.

Garden Project Managers – Evette interested and voted in at tonight’s meeting no opposition. David suggests asking Harvey.  Sean said that was a good idea and asked if David as the new coordinator of the Gardening Club would contact him.

Gardener/practical worker– Sandra, Sheila, Barbara, Steven, Krystyna and Giles voted in; others to be added to the list.


  1. Suzanne told everyone about The Youth Project Work – This involves meeting with local girls school Sion Manning and setting up an organic kitchen garden; growing vegetables and selling at local markets. This is a pilot scheme with the aim to motivate pupils and introduce them to the health benefits and business angle of growing and selling produce. Already available are seeds, boxes and tools. The future aim is hopefully to extend the scheme to other school and work with the Princes Trust and to also get press coverage. This will be an enjoyable experience with behavioral issues not being seen as a problem.


  1. David says that there are lots of contacts available to help. Kensington has lots of resources.


10. Sarah Milner runs Kitchen Organic project in St Quintins Avenue and she   maybe able to provide some resources to help for future projects. Sean also     says there are workshops available which he will find out about.


11.Sheila mentioned the Moroccan area in Meanwhile Gardens which is lovely but      neglected.


12.Meetings – The Grove Residents Group can choose to meet at the beginning of the month to suit peoples agenda. This can be decided with a majority vote of     ten people (quorum).

Lesley says the meeting place should be a fixed place every time and that Nhht should help secure a meeting place or suggested maybe they had a property which could be used.

Sean said that their are costs involved in hiring places for meeting and says that the secretary needs to sort this out.


Suzanne says this needs to be done. Steven suggests the London Lighthouse but Krystyna says the cost of hiring depends on the room size and number of people.


Steven says that Nhht should be their spokesman but Sean says that the residents group would probably do much better than Nhht. Suzanne suggests that the group should continue using Gloucester house residential home if possible and Sheila suggests an application in writing maybe.


Some of the residents of Gloucester House were at tonight’s meeting.  They had housing issues with the residential home so Krystyna suggests that maybe they should join the residents group to air their problems.


Steven says we need to make sure that enough time is allocated for each meeting agenda. Sean says that maybe residents should email the secretary for any issues they want raised.


13. Mr Mntache is an IT Support worker and has kindly volunteered to design a     website for the group he was elected as IT/ Website Development Officer. Sandra Francourt  volunteered to help with the art and design of the website and was elected as         Photographer and Arts Director.


14.Equal Opportunities – agreed by all


15.Financial Matters – Matters raised on the expense of an audit; Sean said he     would look into this.


16.Dissolution of group – matters agreed by all.


17.Sean says the gardens to date are Nhht properties; Krystyna suggests the     tarmac area in Oxford Gardens which could be used. Councillor Blakeman has     requested help in an area in Blenheim Crescent which is not Nhht. Some people in the group think Nhht properties should be a priority.


18.Sandra asked if older children may be able to help. Krystyna to find out as their     may be health and safety issues involved.


19.Section 3 of ‘Our Constitution’ amended.

Although the group will have a W10 remit, it will focus its activities within the     Ladbroke Grove area. Although this area has been identified as the central     focus area, projects on other streets will be considered on the request of group     members.’


Please let me know of any amendments to these minutes.  Written by Sandra Francourt.


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