Minutes of meeting 3rd June 2010

The Grove Resident Group & Gardening Club General Meeting 03 June 2010 

In attendance

David Lewis – Gardening Club Coordinator

Sandra Francourt – Group Photographic & Arts Director

Ali Mantache – Group IT / Website Development Officer

Resident from North Kensington

PCSO Denise Smith – Police Advisor to the group

PCSO Wahid Uzzaman – Police Advisor to the group

Sean Sibley – Notting Hill Housing / Advisor to the group

Paula Curd – Housing Officer Notting Hill Housing

In the absence of the secretary and Chair the minutes were recorded by Sean who also coordinated discussion on the night.


Sandra Francourt showed the group the website and looked at some examples of pictures of gardens that have been uploaded to the site.


Schedule of Meetings

It was agreed that there should be a meeting to discuss the carnival specifically.  This meeting was scheduled forThursday 01 July, 7pm at St Helens Church Hall.

It was also agreed that meetings should be scheduled for the next 6 months.  Sean said he will work wit the venues and the Chair to schedule these meetings and communicate these dates to the group through the newsletter.


Gardening Project – Front Gardens

The following policy was put forward and agreed by the group in how to engage with the residents where the gardens are to be improved:

The Gardening Club will write to the residents in the block identified explaining that the club would like to do a makeover of the garden and giving them the opportunity to become involved in that and the future maintenance.  This letter will be written by David as the Club Coordinator.

The letters will be on Club headed paper and passed to Paula Curd (the Housing Officer who’s tenants are in the blocks identified.  Paula expressed that she would like to deliver the letters personally and explain to the tenants about the project.

The residents would be invited (in the letter) to a meeting in the garden to discuss and plan how to improve it and to design the new garden.  At this stage the residents input will be taken into account in the design and in maintenance plans.

/// at a future meeting it was suggested and agreed that the residents should be asked to sign an agreement to treat the garden well in the future///



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