Newsletter June 2010

A New Name, A Constitution and Things Get Started

 As many of you already know, residents in the Ladbroke Grove area with an interest in gardening and or neighbourhood issues have been meeting together recently to form a resident group and a gardening club.  I write to give you an update on progress so far.  In March the constitution of the group was agreed and residents were elected to take roles in coordinating and running the group.

As set out in the constitution, those present in March decided that the group should be set up for the purpose of:

  1. Giving residents in the W10 area a collective voice when it comes to bringing up neighbourhood issues and
  2. Transforming the local environment by improving gardens and carrying out street improvement projects using gardening and colour

The constitution stressed that an integral part of the group will be its gardening club.  As well as organising and carrying out the gardening transformation projects, the club will be a place where those interested in gardening can meet with others who also have the same interest, learn more and receive expert advice and training and share experience with each other.

NEW Youth Project at Sion Manning Girls School 

 The school located on St Charles Square learnt about the gardening club and asked if the group would help them set up a club of their own for the students.  Suzanne Augustine an avid member of the resident group volunteered to help run the group and help motivate the students. After 2 club meetings at the school, there are now more than 10 students involved in their ECO club as it is presently called.  The girls plan to repaint plant containers at the school, clear a redundant area with a view to building a beautiful secret garden and grow vegetables and other flowers to sell at fayres or markets.  By so doing, they can make money for their clubs work, encourage business skills amongst the students and spread their awareness and interest in organic growing amongst their peers and the wider community.

Transforming Gardens

A number of gardens have been identified as potential places where gardeners can get stuck in and create some colourful beautiful street scene spaces.  At a recent meeting of

the gardening club it was decided that David Lewis, the club coordinator would write a letter to the residents asking if they would like the club to perform a makeover and talk with them about making a plan to maintain their garden in the future, with possible help or coordination of gardening club members.  The residents would also be asked if they would like to be involved in the work.  Paula Curd, Housing Officer for Notting Hill Housing Trust properties on Cambridge Gardens  volunteered to deliver the letters and introduce the idea to her tenants personally.


Possible Kitchen Garden Project & Community Garden 

As well as improving existing garden spaces there may be a chance to build a brand new garden in The Grove.  Have you  seen the kitchen garden project on St Quentin’s Avenue?  A piece of land has been identified that is owned by Notting Hill Housing and that has been desolate for some years.  The Gardening Club is planning to put together a proposal to transform this unused land to create a new community garden and kitchen garden area which can be used by residents to grow vegetables and other plants.  It could also be a place where people can enjoy relaxing in a new colourful garden.  More details about this proposal will be given at forthcoming group meetings.



Ladbroke Grove itself.  Some find it so disturbing that they plan to get away for the weekend every year while others stay inside and are afraid to go out.  Some people dislike the mess and invasion of gardens and damage to personal property during the event.  Whilst there has been many concerns raised there has also been some who have said how the carnival is brilliant and how it adds something special to the area.  Because this subject is so important to many in the group, a special meeting has been planned to discuss the issues.  All are invited to come along on Thursday 1st July, 7pm at the St Helens Church Hall.  The church is on St Helens Gardens opposite the shops.

At all meetings of the group there has been some discussion about the effects of the carnival on residents of the area.  Some people are effected more than others, especially those in Oxford Gardens and

Getting Started

Thursday 1st July- Carnival Discussion Meeting at St Helens Church Hall, 7pm.

Thursday 15th July- Gardening Club Meeting for gardeners and others interested at The London Lighthouse, Lancaster Road, 7pm.

Thursday 19th August- Resident Group & Gardening Club meeting at St Helens Church Hall, 7pm.

 Thursday 16th September- Resident Group and Gardening Club meeting at St Helens Church Hall,7pm.

It has been confirmed to me this week that Notting Hill Housing community  involvement team has now written to the chair of the group and the treasurer to inform them that the group is now officially registered and recognised.

This is great news as it means that funding can now be sought from  grants available from Notting Hill Housing, local council funds and other community funding sources.

This means that work can now get under way to plan and then buy the materials, plants and flowers needed to start creating gardens and performing some exciting makeovers.  Please mark the dates on the left in your diary and help us do something really special here in the Grove.

It has been a pleasure to work with you all as an advisor to the group and I look forward to continuing to work with everyone to help the group be successful.

I have enclosed with this newsletter a membership form.  Please fill this in and return it to me in the envelope provided.

I know that there have been other forms completed in the past.  It is really important though that everyone completes this form so that the group can now function as a residents group in its own right and so that the group can contact you and coordinate the projects and other activities with its members.


Technology embraced- Group Website Launched

Sandra Francourt has designed and built a website for the group that can be viewed at

There are pictures of the gardens already identified for makeovers, space for writing comments and all information from group meetings will also be placed on the site for future reference.

Have a look and see what you think.

If you’d like to be more involved or you have some questions, please contact:

Lesley Brett – Group Vice Chair – Tel. 07946 230 045


David Lewis-Gardening Club Coordinator on 07505 234653

Newsletter written by Sean Sibley, Advisor to the group from Notting Hill Housing.   Tel. 0208 357 4960


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