Our first garden.

The Grove Residents Group get started on their first garden. After the  intial startup and meetings to form the Grove Residents Group  we started on our first garden 18th November 2010 in Cambridge Gardens W10.

Harvey, Sean, Rosie, Sandra and Sheila got stuck in with rakes, spades, wheelbarrow, recycling bags and strength to get started. We cleared the front garden which was full of leaves and some rubbish. Harvey our Head Gardener explained to us the process of gardening and said it was important to prepare the ground; not just pulling up old plants but ensuring that all weeds and roots were removed as these could potentially and would likely regrown again. We got stuck in cups of hot tea and coffee at the ready provided kindly by the resident whose garden we were making over. It turned out  to be a very successful and proactive day; moral was very high  and thank goodness it didn’t rain.                                                                                                     

The group are meeting again on:-

Friday 26th November 2010      

Please contact Harvey, Sheila or Sean for more information everyone welcome to join in.

Some pictures have been added of our day.

Want to read past newsletters !                                                           

All past newsletters and minutes of the clubs meetings are posted on the website that can be viewed at http://www.groveresidentgroup.viviti.com

There are also pictures of the gardens already identified for makeovers and space for writing comments.

Have a look let us know what you think.

If you’d like to be more involved or you have some questions, please contact:

Harvey Groffman – Group Chair & Head Gardener

Tel. 0208 969 8292    Or

Sheila Charles –Secretary


Newsletter written by Sean Sibley, Advisor to the group from Notting Hill Housing. ssibley@nhhg.org.uk   Tel. 0208 357 4960


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