Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden

We all had a fantastic day on Saturday planting the front public area of the site. A great job has been done with the selection of plants which puts a smile on peoples faces as they walk by and recieved positive feedback from all. Keep updated and signup for email blog alerts. Everyone is keen … Continue reading

Grand Opening

Grand Opening

Our official opening date the 14th July 2012 will soon be upon us. The group have met up and are getting things ready for the big day.  We have had a lovely poster designed by Gill Bradley and everyone is working together to ensure the day will be a big success. The site is looking … Continue reading

Blooming Marvellous!!!!

Blooming Marvellous!!!!

Things are progressing well at the at the Oxford Garden Plots  with many things starting to grow. The front public area has really blossomed and looks fantastic. Look at our regular updates page for news on grown produce. We are also planning a grand opening of the site with a special guest to officially open … Continue reading

Oxford Garden Project opening soon

Oxford Garden Project opening soon

Oxford Gardens Project ****Opening Soon**** The Oxford Garden Project is a  Kitchen Garden initiative set up by the Grove Residents Group for the local residents surrounding the Ladbroke Grove area in West London. From humble beginnings this once unused, derelict site is being transformed into a fantastic well needed amenity for local residents. 11 local … Continue reading

Funding for Kitchen Garden project

At the last meeting of the gardening club it was announced that the club could apply for some funding to put a redundant piece of land back into use as a community garden that could be designed and used as a resource by club members. The views of group members was asked for in the … Continue reading

Our first garden.

The Grove Residents Group get started on their first garden. After the  intial startup and meetings to form the Grove Residents Group  we started on our first garden 18th November 2010 in Cambridge Gardens W10. Harvey, Sean, Rosie, Sandra and Sheila got stuck in with rakes, spades, wheelbarrow, recycling bags and strength to get started. We cleared the front garden which was full of leaves and … Continue reading

Minutes of meeting 1st July 2010 Carnival

The Grove Residents Group & Gardening Club Meeting to discuss the Carnival  In Attendance:  Lesley Brett – Group Deputy Chair Stephen Johnson – Discussion Group Member / Practical Gardener Patricia Gani – Discussion Group Member Sandra Francourt – Arts & Photographic Director Ali Mantache – Group IT Development Offier Sean Sibley – Housing Officer/ Advisor … Continue reading

Minutes of meeting 3rd June 2010

The Grove Resident Group & Gardening Club General Meeting 03 June 2010  In attendance David Lewis – Gardening Club Coordinator Sandra Francourt – Group Photographic & Arts Director Ali Mantache – Group IT / Website Development Officer Resident from North Kensington PCSO Denise Smith – Police Advisor to the group PCSO Wahid Uzzaman – Police Advisor … Continue reading

Newsletter June 2010

A New Name, A Constitution and Things Get Started  As many of you already know, residents in the Ladbroke Grove area with an interest in gardening and or neighbourhood issues have been meeting together recently to form a resident group and a gardening club.  I write to give you an update on progress so far.  … Continue reading

Minutes 13th may 2010 Planning Meeting

The Grove Residents Group and Gardening Club – Planning Meeting 13 May 2010  In attendance: Leslie Brett – Group Deputy Chair person Sheila Charles – Group Secretary / Interim Treasurer David Lewis – Gardening Club Coordinator Sean Sibley – Advisor to the group from Notting Hill Housing   Matters Arising It was agreed that there must … Continue reading

Constitution March 2010

The Grove Residents Group & Gardening Club.  ‘Our Constitution’ The above group is being set up for the purpose of giving residents in the W10 area a collective voice when it comes to bringing up neighbourhood issues.  The collective voice will be presented to; housing associations, the local council, the police and other authorities / … Continue reading

Minutes of meeting 11th March 2010

W10 residents group and gardening club update 11th March 2010 7pm Gloucester Court Bassett Road W10   Sean Sibley Notting Hil Housing Trust Housing Officer introduced himself to the group of approx. 30 people. It was announced that Krystyna was elected Group Chairperson of the residents group at the January meeting.   Sean said he would … Continue reading

Newsletter March 2010

Grove Residents & Gardening Club Update March 2010In December last year residents interested in finding out more about this new group met at the Sion Manning RC Girls School.   The group met again on 21 January to elect a chair and other members to coordinate projects and to establish the group as a registered association. … Continue reading

Newsletter January 2010

W10 residents group & gardening club update Do you like gardening ? Would you like to grow your own vegetables? What do you think about Carnival? W10 residents group FOR RESIDENTS LIVING IN THE W10 LOCAL AREA January 2010 On Wednesday 2 December residents interested in finding out more about this new group met at … Continue reading